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The REBEL ROAD idea was born back in 2012 whilst I was working in the property industry in Johannesburg. I was never the type of man to wear any jewelry( not even a watch), until I was given a leather wrap bracelet as a gift. I then discovered the joys and freedom to express my personality and style by wearing different style bracelets depending on my outfit or mood, but I had difficulty in finding beautiful bracelets at affordable prices for myself. Hence I decided to start a new career in a new industry which I knew little about. My new passion for bracelets, and a mission to bring the joy of bracelets to others inspired me to hit the road, move back to Cape Town (a creative hub) and enjoy the freedom of expressing my newly found fashion freedom. I , Etienne Grobler a more conservative dresser turned into a fashion rebel, and embarked on a new road and founded the business in 2013. With passion and hard work I dived head first into everything E-commerce. Learning some website coding, sourcing and buying materials and products, Courier services, insurances, accounting, product photography, advertising,marketing and so much more.
If I knew it was going to work 16-18 hours a day , 7 days a week living of my savings, but underestimated how long a journey it is to establish this type of business in South Africa.I couldn't afford web and graphic designers and had to improvise, creating my first logo in MS Word.(Don't Laugh) Necessity is the mother of invention and up till this day I enjoy creating the web content various design aspects. 
The very first website in 2013 ( yes ,we have come a long way)

Although the website was simple (and ugly) our dedication to quality customer service was there from day one. We just improved on technology to make your shopping experience simpler and smoother.

We were approached by large online retailers to supply our products to them and did so for a while, but felt we lost touch with our customers and could provide better prices by avoiding the retailers mark up by providing direct to our customers via our website with more personal service.


Women started asking for more bold and strong bracelets for themselves as the jewelry (bracelet) options for them historically has been the usual fine and dainty designs. Hence we added a women's collection for the more adventurist modern woman.



To building a successful brand with integrity and bringing you inspiring products.To provide quality accessories at affordable prices. We are constantly looking to create and source new products. Our passion drives us to extend our brand with new ranges of accessories to excite and appeal to our customers.


 Our clients feedback says it all, as 99.9 % of the reviews we receive, customers comment on the great quality products, service & speed they receive from us..We are constantly adding services like our gift engraving, live chat and social media shopping channels. All to make your shopping easier and faster. Soon to launch is our Gift Wrap and special Gift packaging so you save time and effort whilst giving a loved one a personalized gift.



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